Facial Trauma

What is Facial Trauma?

The term ‘’Facial Trauma’’ signifies any injury to the face or upper jawbone. Some facial trauma treatments include:

  • Facial lacerations
  • Intra-oral lacerations
  • Avulsed (knocked out) teeth
  • Fractured facial bones (cheek, nose or eye socket)
  • Fractured jaws (upper and lower jaw)


Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are certified professional that can treat facial trauma. They are trained, skilled and uniquely qualified for these procedures as facial trauma injuries impart a high degree of emotional & physical trauma to the patients. The science and art of these injuries require special ‘’hands on’’ experience and understanding of how the treatment provided will influence the patient’s appearance and long term function.

Dr. Belanger and Dr. Daniel are experienced surgeons that meet and exceed the modern standards for Facial Trauma treatment. They serve on staff at the Fredericton City Hospital and deliver emergency room coverage for facial injuries.

What are the causes of facial trauma injuries?

There are several possible causes of facial trauma injuries such as accidental falls, sports related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries and interpersonal violence. The types of injuries can range from injuries to teeth to extremely severe injuries to the skin and bones of the face. Facial injuries are usually categorized as either soft tissue injuries (skin and gums), bone injuries (fractures), or injuries to specific areas (such as the eyes, facial nerves or the salivary glands).

Prevention of Facial Trauma

What is the best treatment for facial trauma? Prevention. Make sure to take the precautionary measures in order to be in a safe environment for you or your loved ones. Small things like, always wearing a helmet and protective gear if playing high impact sports, wearing a seat belt, avoiding dangerous situations like (driving impaired, tired) can make a difference. We recommend wearing a protective mouth guard if you engage in athletic activities as this small piece of equipment could save you a lot of potential harm.

Accidents do happen, so if ever you require a trip to the emergency room, be sure to ask for a consultation from a certified Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon in order to get the best possible treatment for your situation.

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