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Implants Dentaires

À la clinique de Chirurgie buccale de Fredericton, nous offrons des services complets d’implantologie dentaire incluant les implants pour remplacer une seule dent ou de multiples dents, le concept de traitement révolutionnaire All-on-4® et les implants zygomatiques. Nos chirurgiens utilisent les technologies les plus récentes pour vous offrir les meilleurs soins possibles. NEW

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Chirurgie buccale

À la clinique de Chirurgie buccale de la côte Est, nous offrons les services de chirurgie suivants: extraction des dents de sagesse, greffe osseuse, réparation des traumatismes facials, exposition des dents incluses, pathologie buccale, chirurgie orthognatique et la correction de l’apnée du sommeil. Nos chirurgiens utilisent des technologies de pointe pour vous offrir les meilleurs soins possibles.

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Sédation et anesthésie générale

À la clinique de Chirurgie buccale de la côte Est, nous offrons des services de sédation et d’anesthésie générale. Plusieurs options sont disponibles soient l’anesthésie locale, l’administration de sédatifs par voie intraveineuse et l’anesthésie générale. Ces options constituent d’excellentes solutions pour assurer une expérience confortable et sans anxiété aux patients qui sont inquiets à l’idée de subir une intervention chirurgicale.

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Chirurgie orthognatique

À la clinique de Chirurgie buccale de la côte Est, nous offrons des services de reconstruction des mâchoires qui consistent à corriger tout un éventail d’anomalies squelettiques et dentaires. Ces traitements permettent d’améliorer la fonction de la mâchoire et d’harmoniser l’esthétique du visage.

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Confiez vos soins à nos spécialistes en chirurgie buccale et maxillo-faciale!

Bienvenue à la clinique de Chirurgie buccale de Fredericton. Nos spécialistes en chirurgie buccale, maxillo-faciale et en implantologie dentaire avancée offrent des soins de pointe dans nos installations ultramodernes situées à Fredericton, au Nouveau-Brunswick.

Nous proposons un ensemble diversifié de services spécialisés: l’extraction de dents de sagesse, la pose d’implants dentaires, la prise en charge de blessures et d’infections au visage, le traitement de difformités faciales, la reconstruction de la mâchoire et bien plus.

Les Dr. Bélanger, Dr. Nach Daniel et Dr. Karim Al-Khatib sont détenteurs d’un certificat de spécialiste en chirurgie buccale et maxillo-faciale et fellows du Collège royal des chirurgiens-dentistes du Canada.

Toute notre équipe se consacre à vous offrir des soins de qualité en chirurgie buccale et maxillo-faciale.

Au plaisir de vous servir!

Voyez nos installations à la fine pointe de la technologie!

Here’s what our patients say about us

I can't say enough about my excellent experience at this clinic. I had implants. I had no pain and minimal swelling. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Belanger.
Connie Charlton
18:37 27 Nov 18
Awesome experience in having my four Wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Belanger. As they said, I would go to "sleep" and wake up numb. The local anesthetic is gone and I am not in pain. I guess that I will take the Tylenol3's back to the drug store. If you need a good oral surgeon, this is the one to go to. Thank you.
02:20 08 Sep 18
Both times being here, consult and for wisdom teeth removal, we sat here for an hour past the appointment time. Ridiculous. Seems to be a lack of respect for patients time. Note - Patients time is just as valuable as doctors time.
Kelsey Simon
13:32 15 Jun 18
I had 4 Wisdom Teeth out this past March and Dr. Belanger and I would 100% recommend this Oral Surgeon. I have never had any major surgery or work done, so I was quite nervous going in but Dr.Belanger and his team made me so comfortable. The nurse who got me ready before surgery was so friendly and made conversation so easily I forgot how nervous I was. The only thing I wondered was why they never called me to check up after the surgery, but I figure they are busy and would help me if I had any issues.
Emily Morgan
00:32 14 Jun 17
Made me feel calm and comfortable ! They were all so wonderful❤😊😊👍
Yunie Deen
01:19 03 Jun 17
Wow... What a great experience. I can't believe I am saying that! 🙂 I am so afraid when it comes to these things but it went so well. Dr. Belanger is very kind and explained things to me.
Carmen Leger
16:24 16 Jan 19
I was super nervous to have my wisom teeth removed. But, the procedure went smoothly. And, the healing process has been going surprisingly well. I couldn't have hoped for better service.
06:02 23 Jan 19
Very professional and empathetic staff. I told them I wasn't good with blood and needles and they knew what to do.
Aedus Arach
06:02 25 Jan 19
Dr. Karim Al- Khatib was absolutely fantastic! My mother has had chronic jaw pain for over a decade now, and after seeing many specialist he was able to give her a diagnosis and offer a few solutions for relief.
Bailley Howland
12:41 17 Apr 19
Friendly staff. They can work around your schedule for appointments. They have a parking lot, just make sure you tell them you're parked there so you don't get booted.
John Anderson
19:25 07 Nov 19
Awesome reception, staff and surgeons. Very professional, personable and respectful. Both surgeries were extremely quick and pain free.. Highly recommended!!! 👍
Ron Bourgoin
12:56 07 Feb 20
I had a root removed and I must admit it wasn't a bad experience.
Sheepy Hollow
18:14 10 Sep 20
For days my husband worried about having his lower back molar removed, Dr. Belanger told him it would be an easy extraction and he was correct. My husband had the freezing and 2 minutes later the molar was extracted. Only thing he felt was a slight pinch of the needle for the freezing. Dr. Belanger was wonderful to explain his situation during the consultation and was so professional and compassionate during the extraction. His staff / team are so friendly they make you feel right at home. Absolutely recommend Dr. Belanger he is a wonderful surgeon!
Sheila Gnish
20:03 01 Dec 20
My son had 1 impacted wisdom tooth. He was very nervous. Staff was very friendly and Dr. Karim Al Khatib was excellent. He had some pain and a little bleeding for about a week but the tooth was in the bone and near the nerve. Overall a great experience.
Ann Marie Jones
13:05 12 Dec 20
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